Michal Drobek,

Period: (From: Οκτώβριος 2011 To Μάιος 2012)

We are Computer Science students (5th semester) from Krosno, Poland and we arrived at the Computer Science and Telecommunications Department of the TEI of Larisa for the winter semester 2011-12.

Our overall impression is very positive. From the very beginning we felt the kindness and hospitality of everybody. TEI of Larisa is a very kind and friendly university with very good teaching staff.

Greek people are very friendly and open. We have already made new friendships with Greek and other Erasmus students.

The area of the university is surrounded by beautiful mountains. The air here is very fresh and clean. The location works in its favor. It is far from urban noise so we like it a lot. TEI of Larisa is located near the sea which is also a great asset for the university. We are very happy about the weather because here it is much warmer than in our country. Τhe sun shines here while in Poland now, the snow lies everywhere. We really like that a lot!

We find here a lot of positive things that are missing from our university.

In addition to learning, we have time for fun. Larisa has a lot of clubs where bands play and dance live. We don’t have a lot of this kind of clubs in Poland.

Besides that, we also enjoy sports here. We love playing volleyball (Polish people are big fans of it) but we also like basketball.

We had already the opportunity to visit Meteora, Olympia, Platamon castle and Skiathos island. They are extremely beautiful places associated with culture and history.

Greek language is a little difficult for us with many letters and words having different meanings but similar pronunciation. It's hard for us to learn it because we have too short time.

We like this place very much and we will certainly recommend this place to our friends from our college in Krosno.

Living here for sure will stay deep in our memory!